Spellbreak is a multiplayer game from Proletariat that takes a slight variation on the traditional battle-royale shooter. They’ve swapped the traditional weapons of guns and grenades for magical gauntlets. I’ve loved playing it so far — the game is fast-paced and exciting, especially when you find yourself in multi-team brawls at the end of a match (stay tuned for my 5k highlight clip at the end of the article).

As a product designer, I tend to pay a lot of attention to UI and UX in games. Spellbreak has a visually compelling UI that makes great use of audio cues…

As a one-person design team throughout much of my early career, I never did a lot of usability testing. Whenever asked about this by other designers, I’d often say “I simply don’t have time, we have too many projects going on” or “I can’t get executive buy-in to allow me to do usability testing.” These statements may be somewhat true, but there are some fallacies to poke at. It wasn’t until I read Stephen Krug’s book Don’t Make Me Think that my view on this changed completely.

You don’t know what you don’t know

As designers, especially in early-stage startups, we rely heavily on intuition. We also…

Michael Auer

Game UI/UX Designer

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